Eggless waffles

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Eggless waffles


I didn’t manage to wish ’Happy New Year!’ to you yesterday, but I am doing it now! Have sweetness in your life during the entire year! ♥


We all have many desserts in our homes during this time of the year. When they finish, if you have a waffle-making device – I received one from my Dad on my birthday – and you’re searching for a light dessert, here’s a great recipe. You won’t need too many ingredients—

(for 7 waffles)

130g flour

3g baking powder

200ml milk

5g vanilla sugar

2 tbsp of sugar

30g (melted and cooled) butter


+ 150g whipping cream

15g sugar

blueberries (or any other fruits preferred by you)


Mix all the ingredients.

Transfer parts of the batter to the waffle-making device by using a ladle.

Eggless waffle batter

Mix the whipping cream and the sugar.


Serve the waffles with whipped cream and blueberries – you will be happy like a child!

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